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Wichita Chapter, Links Incorporated

Welcome from our President

Annie Montgomery photo Greetings, On behalf of the Wichita (KS) Chapter of Links, Incorporated, welcome to our Chapter's website. We are pleased that you are interested in finding out more about us.

The Links, Incorporated, founded in 1948 is an exclusive, non-profit organization committed to the idea of combining friendship and community service. Since 1968, the Wichita Chapter has been committed to strengthening friendship and providing service to our community, including surrounding communities.

Our mission is to promote and engage in educational, civic, and intercultural activities in order to enrich the lives of members and the larger community, and to work together towards achieving common goals. Further. The founders of The Links, Incorporated intended that members of chapters also strive to foster cultural appreciation through the arts; develop richer inter group relations; and help women who participate to understand and accept their social and civic responsibilities. Members of our local chapter specifically work to improve and enrich the lives of persons of African American descent by partnering and collaborating with various community organizations to address relevant initiatives that impact the community. The chapter's five program facet areas are aligned with national: The Arts, National Trends & Services, International Trends & Services, Services to Youth and Health & Human Services. Currently, the five program facets are linked together under one umbrella program custom designed to positively impact the African American community, specifically young African American males (kindergarten-12th grade) known as the African American Male Empowerment Institute (AAMEI). AAMEI was birthed out of outstanding and longstanding premier projects that addressed various areas, including a chapter and community favorite - Beautillion. While the Beautillion project targets African American males primarily, other programs of the local chapter provide services to the elderly and youth, highlights the arts, encourages positive healthy behaviors and supports international populations of African descent.

During the last program year alone, Members of the Wichita Chapter of Links, Incorporated provided over 1500 documented hours of community service. The membership of The Links, Incorporated consists primarily of professional African American women. Membership is extended to candidates nominated and approved by active members. In addition, membership is extended to daughters of Link members. Members of the Wichita Chapter are influential leaders who through their individual achievements have made and continue to make a difference locally and globally.

Through friendship and service, we are deeply committed to our organizational mission and have a strong desire to strengthen our African American people in every way possible, including physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are invited to join us in improving our community and the lives of those we serve by attending our community events, collaborating to provide service programming, contributing resources to support our program participants, identifying populations in which services are needed and praying for successful, positive transformation as we continue striving to 'Lead with Excellence and Serve with Grace'.


Annie Montgomery Wichita (KS) Chapter President 2014-2016